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Services in Kingsdown & Creekside and High Downs

Morning Prayer: 9am Daily

Livestreamed on the Kingsdown & Creekside Facebook page and accessible at the bottom of the Home page of this wesbsite without a Facebook account.

Sundays: Morning Prayer is streamed from Lynsted Church and you are welcome to attend in person.

Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer (said)

2nd Sunday of each Month at Eastling

3rd Sunday of each month at Newnham

Sundays at 10.30am

As of Friday 10th December the wearing of  Face Coverings is now mandatory in places of worship.
Click here for this Sunday's Service Audio file - This file will include the readings and sermon with two hymns, one at the beginning and one at the end.
Date Church Service Type Church Service Type Church Service Type Church


23rd January Lynsted Holy Communion  Newnham Morning Worship Oare Morning Worship Throwley Holy Communion 
30th January  Doddington Benefice Holy Communion             
6th February Doddington Holy Communion 


Holy Communion  Norton Morning Worship Teynham Morning Worship
13th February Newnham Holy Communion Oare Holy Communion  Throwley Morning Worship    
20th February Teynham Holy Communion Norton Holy Communion Lynsted Church for all Eastling Morning Worship
27th February Lynsted Holy Communion Newnham Morning Worship Oare Morning Worship Throwley Holy Communion

4th Sunday of the month at 4pm

Evensong at Teynham Church

Sundays at 6pm:

Breakthrough at Lynsted Church

1st Sunday of the month, May to October

Evensong at Wychling Church